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Senior Health Care in Virginia

3 Habits That Can Help Seniors Overcome Depression


Depression is a common health issue elderly people face. Living alone and not receiving frequent visits from their loved ones contribute to this condition. But there are ways to help them cope. You can start with these three effective ways: … Continue reading

Posted in Overcome Depression on June 4, 2019 by Louise Savoie

Activities That Will Help the Elderly Avoid Depression


Having chronic degenerative diseases is challenging as it is. Aside from availing of elderly home care service in Woodbridge, Virginia, it’s also good to encourage your seniors to do one or more of the following activities to keep them positive … Continue reading

Posted in Elderly Avoid Depression on May 2, 2019 by Louise Savoie

Easy Ways to Help Seniors Maintain or Recover Bone Health


Helping seniors maintain their strong bones is one of the ways to keep them on their feet despite their old age. And making sure they can still get around easily to hang out with friends is an awesome way to … Continue reading

Posted in Senior Care on April 2, 2019 by Louise Savoie

The Importance of Companionship for Elderly Individuals


Proper diet and nutrition, a healthy amount of sleep and exercise, and a stress-free lifestyle can all benefit our overall health and well-being, especially as we grow older. However, did you know that social interaction is also important in maintaining … Continue reading

Posted in Companionship on March 20, 2019 by Louise Savoie

The Importance of Skilled Nurses for In-Home Care


When your loved ones enter their late golden years, trips to the hospital or clinic may become more frequent. They will be requiring procedures, therapy, and medical assistance—all of which are vital in maintaining their health. Because of these needs, … Continue reading

Posted in Skilled Nurses on March 7, 2019 by Louise Savoie

10-Step Guide in Senior Skin Care


In the aging years, the skin of our senior loved ones also grows to become more sensitive. This means they will be in need of extra care and further protection, especially from providers of skilled nursing in McLean, Virginia. So … Continue reading

Posted in Senior Skin Care on February 22, 2019 by Louise Savoie

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