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Holidays Can Be Trying for Seniors


For most of us, the holidays generate happy, joyous anticipation, but for many seniors, the holiday season is rife with loneliness, depression, and isolation. Many seniors view the holidays as a time to remember all that they have lost – from their freedom, independence, and decision-making abilities to the loss of friends, spouses, and other family members.

At OptimumCare Home Care Services , we understand that holidays can be especially trying and touchy for many seniors. As caregivers, we’re always aware of such emotions and do our best to ensure that seniors we care for during the holidays feel appreciated and respected for their past and present contributions to family and society.

More commonly known as the holiday blues, many seniors sink into retrospect, past memories, and become withdrawn. Many don’t even want to recognize the holidays due to the depression they may feel. For some, that depression and emotional separateness or isolation they feel while everyone around them is enjoying laughter, gatherings, and food can cause a severe decline in their perceived quality of life.

Caregivers at OptimumCare Home Care Services recognize that it’s up to us, loved ones, as well as nonprofessional caregivers to watch for and recognize signs of depression. According to the American Geriatrics Society’s Foundation for Health and Aging, it’s family members who are considered the most important connection between our clients and our caregivers when it comes to behaviors that may be cause for concern.

We understand that many common symptoms and signs of depression can include, although are certainly not limited to, feelings of blasé, increased impatience or irritability, and a definite lack or loss of interest in activities they normally enjoy. Talking about death or feeling worthless are also common in many seniors who don’t have strong social connections, support and activities to keep them busy over the holidays.

For this reason, we take extra special care throughout the holiday season to encourage interaction, socialization, and communication with our clients. During this season of holiday cheer, it’s also important to recognize and acknowledge that the holidays may not promote a sense of happiness for everyone, especially for seniors who have recently experienced a loss and may be dealing with grief. For more information on how OptimumCare Home Care Services can help you or your loved ones through the holidays, give us a call today.

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