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Spine Problems: How to Take Care of It?


As we age over time, our bodies undergo series of changes that are drastically unexpected. More so, as we experience few physical immobility, our risk to serious health-related complications and bone deterioration also increases. This, in particular, also affects our spinal cord.

Our spine plays a huge role in our central nervous system. It transmits neural information from the different parts of the body to the brain and at the same time, activates our innate body reflexes. In addition, it too is responsible for our balance and body support, as it is extensively connected to our brain. Damage to spinal cord could lead to serious motor dysfunctions, muscle pains, discomfort and even paralysis.

With our aging needs, our concern and care for our spinal cord should also be enhanced. In essence, here are few ways we can effectively take care of our spine:

  1. Exercise and be active!
    Making a habit of maintaining a fit and active lifestyle is important to have a strong and healthy back. Engaging in muscle-enduring activities does not only benefit other areas of our body but it also strengthens the core of our spine, giving us a good stance and balance.
  2. Have a right set of meals
    As we get old, our bodies slowly change, thus a need for us to have increasing nutrition and energy than what most individuals do. With this, we need to choose the right selection of meals, fruits, and vegetables suitable for our aging needs. The same thing goes for our spine. Foods rich in iron, calcium, vitamin K2, magnesium, and protein are few of the many minerals and vitamins that our body needs to up our bone development and secure a good healthy spine.
  3. Maintain a good posture.
    We should maintain a good posture as it can impair our body in the longer period. With long hours of sitting either from school or work, we should carefully choose the right chair that ergonomically assists our back. We should also avoid slouching to properly exercise a good body position.
  4. Avoid putting too much weight on your spine
    Carrying heavy compacted backpacks can also affect our spine. We tend to curve as we continuously carry heavy weights, causing stress to our spine that can lead to poor posture over time. Aside from that, back and neck pains would also be evidently observed. Carrying bags that are minimal in weight is ideal especially if we are walking for longer periods.
  5. Observe Appropriate Sleeping Positions
    Poor sleeping positions also diminish good body posture. Sleeping most of the time in inward curving position can damage its natural curving posture as it unevenly spreads the weight all throughout your body. This too can cause unexpected muscle pains the next day. In effect, using the right pillow and neck support is highly needed. Back supports can also suffice.

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