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Addressing Challenges Facing Those Aging in Place


Aging in place is defined as living at home, or aging in a place for you have lived for years, but that doesn’t necessarily define an assisted living facility, a skilled nursing facility or any other type of “supervised” living environment. While aging in place encourages seniors to live in their homes or anywhere they choose for as long as possible as they age, certain challenges must be overcome.

As one of the areas leading home healthcare agencies, OptimumCare Home Care Services is aware of these challenges. Mobility ranks the highest. Ease of entry and exit from the home, as well as the ability to go up and down stairs is extremely important for the safety and overall health of a loved one. Bathroom safety is also extremely important, as most falls and accidents in home-based scenarios occur in the bathroom, followed by the kitchen.

We’d like to provide a number of tips that will enhance independence in seniors, enable them to remain in the home environment as long as possible, and reduce their feelings of being a “burden” to their children or loved ones.

If your parent is adamant about staying in their own home, increase their ability to live independently. You, along with home healthcare agency professional support, can help them do this. One of the most important things is to not skip meals. Because of medications, medical conditions, or a lack of funds, many seniors to skip meals. This can lead to malnutrition, weakness, and lack of stability, which increases fall risk.

It’s also important that the home be as uncluttered and clean as possible. Whether mom uses a walker, a cane, or gets around on her own, it’s important to reduce any potential fall risks. Get rid of furniture that isn’t used. Reduce clutter. Tack down rugs or get rid of them to reduce trips and falls. Make sure that mom or dad gets to doctor and dental appointments. Take care of hygiene, and encourage them to stay as social and active as possible.

A home health care agency providing oversight on these and other issues can help mom or dad stay independent and at home. Home healthcare agencies such as OptimumCare Home Care Services provides a variety of services. Whether you need an hour or two a day or round-the-clock care, helping mom or dad maintain their independence is good not only for their physical well-being, but their emotional and mental well-being as well.

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