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Increasing Safety in the Home for the Aging or Disabled


The home is a place for comfort and safety from the outside world, but for an elder or disabled family member, the home can be a dangerous place – and not always for the obvious reasons. What you might think is completely safe and functional could be an accident or fall waiting to happen! Elder and disabled loved ones are not often able to navigate around the home swiftly and easily – something as simple as a rug could mean falling down and breaking a bone or getting into the shower could increase the risk of slipping in the tub or shower enclosure.

None of these scenarios is pleasant and we all want our family members to be free of accidents, but it’s not always possible for obvious reasons. Depending on the needs of your loved one, you can only be there so often, watching them and assisting them throughout daily routines. If you have your own family to care for, splitting your time between two households is difficult and stressful to say the least! That’s where home health care services come in to help you and your family.

Professional and trained home health care providers offer a range of services for you and your loved one, starting from simple companionship during short-term visits to extended, around the clock care. Home health care providers are essential in reducing the risk of accidents in the home and increasing the overall safety in the living space – a trained eye and experience will point out potential risks throughout the home and help you accommodate a home into a safe living environment for mom or grandfather.

Hiring a home health care provider doesn’t mean your elder or disabled loved one has to put a limit on independence or mobility, either. Suppose your mother is fully able to take care of herself, but has a difficult time getting in the shower each morning. A home health care provider is an ideal option to assist her with bathing and hygiene for an hour each morning to reduce the risk of her slipping in the shower. Family members, along with the wishes of your loved one, can determine where the services of a home health care provider are best suited in order to reduce the risk of accidents or falls, while simultaneously ensuring the independence and dignity of your family member remains intact.

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