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Home Safe Home: Adjusting Your House to Your Seniors’ Needs

Home Safe Home: Adjusting Your House to Your Seniors’ Needs

Your house is the area of responsibility of your non-medical home care in Opitz Boulevard Woodbridge VA. One of their priorities is that if they are to provide home care, then the house must itself be safe for their living first. This means they have to do some rearrangements and adjustments in the house to make it safe for your loved ones.

OptimumCare Home Care Services,where patients are referred by their physicians for non-medical home care in Opitz Boulevard Woodbridge VA and non-medical home care in Greensboro Drive Mclean VA, have listed down these areas of concern in your house that you might plan ahead or plan with us as we transform your house to for a safer senior living.


  • Level out raised thresholds/edges
  • Repair torn carpets.
  • Tack/paste electrical cords/cables that lie across pathways to the walls.
  • Use non-skid wax to avoid slippery floors (especially if you can’t afford to lay new flooring)
  • Fix loose floor boards
  • Ensure the good grip of the flooring. Change slippery textiles or get a floor-stick carpet or rubber flooring to avoid accidents.
  • Get rid of small carpets/rugs that can possibly cause elders to trip over
  • Take away low furniture in corridors or pathways

House Lighting

  • Corridors and stairways should also have proper lighting
  • Make sure that all areas of the house is well lit
  • Check if all the switches are close to the door (so the lights can be switched on before moving into another room)
  • Put on nightlights on bottom areas of walls so that your senior family members can see their way around if they need to walk around the house at night.


  • Handrails must be properly and tightly bolted in the bathroom (if broken, must be fixed)
  • Place bath chairs and stools
  • Ensure the availability of removable, suction bathroom matting (they are easy to clean and give a good grip on the floor)
  • Keep all bath products within accessible reach
  • Hand faucets are more helpful

Other safety devices

  • Make sure handrails are still strong
  • Put rubber tips on walker/crutches to ensure safety from slipping
  • Place rubber strips on the outside tip of the stairs to avoid slips
  • Get a carbon monoxide detector (sources: gasoline, natural gas, oil, coal and wood)

Devices in case of emergencies (i.e. fire, storm, winter)

  • Check if smoke alarms work
  • See if a fire extinguisher is easily reachable
  • Find easy to reach escape routes
  • Consider if you need smoke alarms on every floor
  • Make an emergency plan for different cases

We, at OptimumCare Home Care Services, can provide you with the best non-medical home care in Opitz Boulevard Woodbridge VA! Our non-medical home care professionals can provide you with everything that is stated above, but not limited to it. Contact our office today and make a difference in your elderly loved ones’ lives!

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