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10-Step Guide in Senior Skin Care


In the aging years, the skin of our senior loved ones also grows to become more sensitive. This means they will be in need of extra care and further protection, especially from providers of skilled nursing in McLean, Virginia.

So we would like to share these guidelines when caring for the skin of your elderly loved one.

  1. Serve them with the right kinds of food. This means food that contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and especially antioxidants. These include green vegetables, berries, walnuts, avocado, and fatty fishes, among others. The nutrients of these foods don’t just make their skin look good, but they also help them feel good about it.
  2. Use humidifiers when it’s cold or winter time. The cold weather can worsen the drying skin of our senior loved ones. Humidifiers help provide moisture and reduce the coldness of the atmosphere.
  3. Stay hydrated, especially with water. Hydration isn’t just a major health need of our senior loved ones, but it also helps flush out toxins that can trigger skin problems. Our team providing home care service in Woodbridge, Virginia a can help ensure that your aging loved one stays hydrated and well-fed every day.
  4. Quit smoking as this can worsen the skin’s dryness due to aging. Smoking is also not healthy for any person at any age, so if you can inspire your aging loved one to quit it, you’re doing them a lifetime of favor.
  5. Protect your aging parent’s skin from the sun. Apply sunscreen lotion and moisturizer especially products with at least an SPF of 15. Additionally, let them also wear comfortable clothing that can protect them from the sun.
  6. Let them wear sunglasses when they’re out in the sun as squinting the eyes can increase the development of facial wrinkles. In addition, get your loved one to be checked by an eye specialist so they will minimize eye squinting just to see things clearly.
  7. Give them gentle soap with moisturizes so that their skin can be soothed well. Keep them also from scrubbing themselves too hard when they’re bathing. Better yet, let them be assisted by providers of companion services in Fredericksburg, Virginia so they can be washed gently.
  8. Apply skin care products that contain natural ingredients including vitamins A and E, natural antioxidants, and extracts of aloe and cucumber.
  9. Trim their nails gently as they can absent-mindedly scratch themselves. Wounds in the senior years may take time to heal, especially if they have illnesses such as diabetes, and this can affect their skin’s health.
  10. Encourage your aging loved one to sleep on their backs as this minimizes creating more wrinkles on the face if they sleep with their face on the pillow.

At OptimumCare Home Care Services, our team is ready to help out in the care needs of your senior family members especially when it comes to their personal care. When you need our services, set an appointment with us anytime.

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